Online news and the control of information

Best sites for instant online news

sites for news VWe are living in the century of speed, that's for sure. And all the things around us are moving so fast that if we want to be updated with all that's happening into the world we must be connected with some reliable sources of information. But we have to be careful because on the media market not all that's written is also true. In this article, we put down the paper some of those websites news that provides only quality information and we will also share with you what doesn't make all the news websites reliable.

The problem with most online websites.

Nowadays, many journalists with more or less experience became entrepreneurs and developed websites for online news craven local newspapers or TV. Regarding the news of the website, they've appeared like mushrooms after the rain and that was what happened not only in the United States but worldwide. Why? Because they are a very effective source for making money from advertising. That shouldn't be a problem if the news that is written there would have been accurate and true. But that's the problem. The owners of so named websites for news don't have the necessary budget for paying those journalists that have enough experience to find and write correct news. So they hire students from the Universities or other young people that want to earn money and they've heard that journalism its a cool way to achieve their purpose. And they pay them with a minimal wedge, or in the best scenario, they give them just a little more.

Bad news is good business too.

As troubling as that sounds, the truth often hurts aside from the fact that the news you’ve often been hearing is directly being told to you from official media sources rather than 1st person reporting. That's a one way to look at the mess we’re in. Because we can’t always see a breaking news situation when the information is presented; according to the interests of the protagonists as portrayed by the news media, we are talking about the pure bias that can be found in the way that news is unfolding. Just like some Hollywood film plot. And that's happening most with the political news. So in any given situation what do find out in the latest news, without knowing there is the possibility that any of the info may or may not be correct? One prime example recently happened in an event taken place in Las Vegas, Nevada- where a crazed shooter was shooting a semi-automatic weapon; from a 5-star hotel window, into a large concert crowd -killing and injuring hundreds of people! The problem is: personal smartphone footage at the concert itself later revealed it was a staged event with hired crisis actors hiding within a real concert venue. An event that was organized by FEMA and Homeland Security to test human reaction to terrorism related situations. The news media reported it as an actual event- as they were instructed to do so viewers at home could react to the unfolding story.

Cringe worthy sites that still give you great newspapers

Talk about websites that provide news that might give you chills down the spine are at peak levels these days. We’re not talking about those so-so news outlets that bring tabloid news- that is just sad journalism which isn’t based on any actual reporting. Let’s look deeper at some notable examples. When it comes to a social activity- online people are fascinated by the lure of social gaming. Online casino websites are still a big question as to legal issues whether you can gamble with real money or not in your country or region. Online casinos know this and introduced free casino games online so that a curious potential player can try them out for free. After that, there are additional casino review websites that give a clear idea what your odds are to win for each slot game. So where is the balance when it comes to getting the latest breaking news? is one such example of a free play site that provides review information, registration free game play, and breaking news on actual online casinos that allow real deposits. Now that you know, be sure to check their site and learn something new.

Where do you look for real online news?

In the news media market, there is an unspoken rule regarding which agency is considered the best at delivering their brand of news. And all their history and experience from those sources is built up over time. Consider that all online news is coming from some degree of government controlled sources as in the case of: CNN, ABC, CBS or FOX- so we must expect that information and news will tell you only a small portion of something that happened. For the most well known independent news websites that provide more info, there will be few, and not much more news will be given. Perhaps enough to fill in another spoonful of truth. When you dive further on a select subject it often gets branded as a tinfoil hat conspiracy site which is somewhat true since these sites present the story that is not told but often has lots of theories based on nonsense. But that’s where it really starts- to question what you hear and decide on your own what really happened. There is no better place to start than a simple Google search, since the internet is full of free information. Your best bet will be to check every source and compare the quality and description of what news was given at that time. Copy everything and save articles and pictures for later reference- they might disappear from that site later. As mentioned earlier, online news will only tell you a small amount of truth- it will always be your own task to search for the actual story. How you deal with that information also has a high price in itself, so be careful how you later use it.