Zomato And Uber Forms Partnership

The food search app that recently added the feature of online ordering has formed partnership with the ride hailing company Uber. This new partnership enables Zomato customers to book a cab to the restaurant of their choice. This plan of the team up comes after Zomato purchased NexTable, a California based online platform for reserving tables.According to a press release from the company NexTable will be soon renamed as Zomato book. NexTable allows customers to make their restaurant reservations simple and manage tables and marketing tools for restaurant. It is noted that Zomato had already announced its online reservation for its customers in Dubai and is planning further to expand this feature across 27 cities.This feature has been rolled out in London and South Africa and is expected to launch soon in other countries. Zomato adds an Uber button on the restaurant page of the app and users can tap the button to find the nearest Uber vehicle, after finding a suitable place to dine. Users are also allowed to choose the Uber service that suits them the best.Zomato has also included new tab on the restaurant page for online food ordering. This feature has been introduced only in Delhi NCR region with a listing of more than 1000 restaurants. Unlike Food panda, it is not an online food delivery app, but it facilitates users to get connected with restaurants.According to Zomato the restaurant has to accept the orders from users before it has been processed and the delivery logistics are handled by the restaurants.

Uber lets Indian riders to pay the ride fares by cash

India has always been Uber’s favorite regardless countless controversies that have taken place in the country. Uber finds a bright future with the developing countries in the Asian continent despite the severe difficulties. Uber was the most used transport service in New Delhi until 2014 and it then fell apart after it was hit with controversies. Its local rival Ola took over the spotlight from Uber and quickly rose to fame. Ola has even introduced auto rickshaws in its service in order to grab attention from people of metropolitan cities. It has also offered cash payment option to its users which makes it easier for people who do not own credit cards.The famous US based company, Uber has now planned to let its riders to pay the ride fares by cash and the news has already received a red carpet welcome from its users. Also, the company is working on many other features like free Wi-Fi, Airtel Money to get back to the industry. The attractive features have already roped in many users for Uber and the company is looking stronger than ever. Uber has implemented cash payment option in Hyderabad and is on plan to later implement the feature in other cities as well. Earlier in 2015, Uber introduced auto rickshaw service to compete against locals’ favorite Ola. It was an instant hit among the Uber users and it even grabbed attention from non Uber users or you can even name them as haters!